St James Shop Tour

One of my fabulous new friends in the city happens to do the PR for St James and was kind enough to ask me to come in to learn about the brand and feature it on my blog. I was unfamiliar with St James but obviously did some research before heading in. This is the only shop in the US, so far, such a treat!

St James is actually a town in Normandy where the atelier factory still resides to this day. The brand started out making uniforms for the army and navy in the 1800's and you can still see those influences into today's line- note photos. The patch on the elbow actually has a place to hold your pen which was originally made for the convenience of the police- super stylish and fun, don't mind if I do! The brand actually invented the oh-so-popular french stripe, they use 21 to be exact, and each one corresponds to a naval victory of Napoleon's French fleet against the British. Too cool. It is such a breathe of fresh air to see the incredible craftsmanship in the pieces. Nowadays fashion is so fast and over-saturated it is difficult to find real quality.

My favorite part were the details, obvi. All of the buttons were different on every piece- hand picked according to the fabric and how they wanted the piece to be portrayed. From ropes to brass to patchwork every garment is made by hand and full of life. These are truly investment pieces- a unique slice of history with an equally impressive price tag.