Artsy Heartsy

I don't really have a specific style but I will say this- heart print rompers are something I never thought would be make an appearance in my closet. I purchased this back in February in a  desperate last minute attempt for something to go out in. Paired it with black stockings and thigh-high leather boots at the time- turned out to be a fabulous winter nighttime fit and got major compliments, floored to my core.

I wanted to try this out in summer now. Shoes are tricky here- Keds would have been too young looking and heels would have been basic. I actually do not own a pair of flipflops or ballet flats (nor do I ever want to) and it was too hot for boots. Thankfully, my lace up "golf shoes", as I like to call them, were the perfect balance of masculine/feminine and old/young. I wanted a POC because it was a little drab so went with this fun pink beaded bag that tied the outfit together perfectly. 

Romper: H&M

Shoes: ZARA

Bag: Rue La La: Mary Frances

Glasses: ASOS