Buckeye Lake Life

When I decided to go to The Ohio State University, the OSU vs VA Tech game at home in Sept 2014 was already on the books (8 years out!). My father went to the University of Virginia and has a passionate hatred towards the Jokies (tech) so upon committing to Ohio State, we also committed to seeing them crush VA Tech in 8 years. Normal father-daughter football fanatic things. However, fast forward 8 years time and we suffered a heartbreaking loss. The only solace in this was that we went on to go undefeated and win the first ever NCAAF playoff National Championship title. This didn't completely heal our deep-seeded wounds though and we begrudgingly vowed to go to Blacksburg in 2015 to (hopefully) witness an epic revenge. 

This weekend was absolutely phenomenal and so picturesque- always nice to get away from the concrete jungle and be surrounded by nature for a change. We stayed at my fathers friends lake house on Lake Anna, VA. Rode jet-ski's, went tubing, swimming, lots of booze, music and laughs- perfect lake weekend. Although I was somewhat anxious for gameday as it was on Monday. 

Finally it had arrived- I barely slept I was filled with so much excitement. We headed over to a friend of a friends place and boarded up a bougie party bus filled with previous OSU band members! One actually dotted the "i" at the national championship game- if you know anything about the OSU band, this guy was basically celebrity status. Great way to start the day.  After a 3 hour drive and way too many drinks later, we arrived. The first half started slow but we came back and crushed them in the 3rd and 4th quarters- SUCH SWEET REVENGE! A great ending to an incredible weekend. GO BUCKS!

Metallic sweater: MANGO

High-waisted bathing suit bottoms: American Apparel

Hat- Charlottesville boutique