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Everyone has their go-to souvenir purchases- shot glasses, magnets, corny t-shirts. Mine has always been local fashion or accessories (shocker).  I have a piece from almost everywhere I have been. Silk scarves from Florence, printed parachute pants from Nice, and one of my all time favorites- this extraordinary handmade wool printed pancho from Cappadocia. 

This was such an incredible piece it needed to be paired with something equally unique. I had a vision of long overalls with heels and a printed top awhile ago and had been searching for the perfect print- flannel would have been an easy basic move so was not about to settle with that. When I saw this piece in the market my eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas- I had finally found the perfect top AND it doubled as a souvenir- WINNING.

Olive Green cargo overalls (note the pulls on the top and NOT snaps) were the perfect shade for this purple-y top. Paired with my navy pony hair pumps which I purchased 2 years ago before the lace-up shoe was even a thing, by the way, and these cheap glasses I bought on Amazon in bulk for my sisters bach party for like $1. 

Top: Cappadocia

Overalls: Forever21

Glasses: Amazon

Shoes: Schutz