I love the 90's. Ish.

I was shocked and hesitant when the 90's choker made a comeback. If I'm not rocking something before it becomes mainstream, my inclination is that it's already TOO trendy and I don't want any part of that. I began to warm up to the look but as usual wanted to put my own spin and chelsea-fy it. OK wow love that term. 

This necklace was yet another souvenir from Cappadocia, Turkey! So many gems from this trip. Tent after tent of these beautifully handcrafted beaded necklaces lined the side streets. I was on the hunt to find the perfect one and almost passed-out when I saw this black one. This is the 90's choker I had been looking for for months, it was PERFECT. Another fine example of NEVER settling when it comes to fashion. If you have a look in mind, don't rock it until you have every piece exactly how you had it in your head. I have literally waited 6 months to a year to wear certain ideas because I couldn't find anything that felt right. But when you do find it it makes it SO much better, and I guarantee you will.

Now that I had my 90's choker, I wanted to rock 90's fishnets. Another thing I had been wanting to try out but needed the right look as fishnets can go from zero to trashy real fast. This high-low, long-sleeved, buttons down the front, taupe, cotton piece was classic, conservative and the perfect amount of extra details to pair with the tights and choker. Suede lace-up wedges seems like an obvious choice.

Dress: H&M

Tights: Forever21

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell