Chi-town #beanfie Life

This was my very first trip to Chicago and I wasn't sure what to expect. I have heard really amazing things and the complete opposite so my curiosity was soaring.

The city itself is SO clean I felt like I was in a movie the entire time- partly because I actually recognized so many film sites: The Dark Knight, Never Been Kissed, The Breakup, to name a few. Everyone was super friendly (a welcomed change from NYC), food was great, architecture was impeccable. However, there is no way I could deal with that wind in the winter. I am still a Californian at heart after all. 

The second day there a couple team members and I drove to a suburb about 30 minutes from downtown to meet some clients. We ended up finding the cutest little ice cream shop and after seeing a sign for "sparkly cones" I just had to go in. The decor was absolutely marvelous! Bright pink walls, sparkly framed pictures with super girly inspiring quotes. Legit want to decorate my future daughters room like this. #inspo 

One of the other pictures I have featured was one of the coolest bar taps I have ever seen- more future home inspo. A huge slab of marble with over 20 craft beers on tap. SO BOUGIE. The whole town was bougie to be honest. Obvi had to get my #beanfie on which was high on my to-do list. Nailed it and can't wait to go back!