Blue Suede Skirt

Literally can't with this weather. If I could, I wouldn't wear anything, but I don't think that's Kosher to post. Alas I find myself in an endless abyss of skirts and sleeveless tops with no end in sight. So hard to get creative sans layers- hence why summer is my least favorite season (gasp!) but I think most of us true fasho's would agree. 

This fit isn't super breezy but if I see one more flower print chiffon anything I'm going to jump off my roof and hopefully land on that person. So vintage suede will do just fine. Rock this to HH rooftop cocktails, boozy brunch, or throw on some Keds for a fun day date because you're a chill girl, right? LOL. Never. 

Stay cool- literally.




Skirt: Ebay


Shoes: Hong Kong

Bag: Steve Madden