Rosé Pinknic !

Never has there ever been a more ME event in my entire life. See below:

1. Expensive Rosé and Champs. Pricey pink alcohol? YES.

2. DRESSCODE: White and Pink ONLY. Two of my favorite colors? YES.

3. House Music. Basically changed my life... HUGE YES.

4. Panoramic views of NYC. Watching the love of my life glisten in the sun while I'm drunk jamming to my fav tunes with my fav people. LIFE HIGHLIGHT.

Not a huge accessories person as I have said before, but this tribal necklace my fab Gma picked up in Africa was just perfect for this fit. "God, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white!"

Please note those are NOT hair ties on my wrist, such a rookie move. It's a vintage watch straight from the USSR. So there's that. 


Pants (yes, not a skirt!) : H&M

Shoes: Topshop

Watch: Etsy

Necklace: Africa 

Glasses: C.Wonder