Istanbul Street Style

Two outfits featured in this post: 1. Airplane fit 2. Istanbul day 2

For the airport- I refuse to be one of those girls who looks like shes going on a run or going to bed. Having said that, I FULLY support being comfortable and there are countless ways to be comfortable AND chic while traveling without putting in all this extra effort that everyone seems to think it takes.

For starters, go with a cute sneaker instead of actual running sneakers: Keds, Converse, Jack Purcell's. OR go with booties: flat or a little heel both work and are super cute and comfy. Next ALWAYS wear pants, it's cold in airports and planes stop trying to make skirts and sandals happen (to those who try TOO hard). Nowadays denim feels like spandex, it's so stretchy and soft there are plenty of options here. For Turkey, I went with some loose fitting patterned pants I picked up in Nice as I was feeling a little theme-y and thought they looked "Turkish" haha. Next, wear a cute comfy top and jacket, not a sweatshirt. Done and done.

For Istanbul, it was quite difficult to dress as the culture is extremely conservative and with all of the turmoil going on during our trip, my blonde hair and blue eyes set me apart enough already. I went with neutrals the entire time: black, white, navy, olive green, beige; midi skirts and tee shirts (too hot for full length sleeves and tank tops were poor form). Long skirts were the best way to go as shorts were inappropriate and it was WAY too hot for pants.

Loved the olive green midi skirt I found from Forever21 of all places! Fit perfectly and paired with a black tee and some woven flat sandals= perfecto!