Desert Landscapes

Capadoccia was like we were on another planet. I was a little nervous at first because we drove from this tiny 2 terminal airport in the middle of nowhere to a place about 2 hours even further into the middle of nowhere in the dead of night. Nothing to be seen except miles and miles of desert and rock. The closest thing I had ever seen to this was around the Grand Canyon.

Our first day we did some incredible hiking and walked for miles in different valleys and up rocky mountains. I did cry and lose some blood but it was worth it! After our hike and some delicious noms we went on a 2 hour sunset ATV ride, my first ever. Not sure how any other ATV ride will ever compare. We rode through Rose and Love Valley where the rocks were actually tinted with a subtle pink hue. We took picture breaks every 20 minutes or so and every stop seemed to be more beautiful than the next. Right before sunset we drove into a small local town and hiked up this rather large mountain. At it's peak it seemed as though we were on top of the world with the most incredible 360 degree view that seemed never-ending. We could hear the locals praying and birds chirping and flying around us as we watched the sunset behind the mountains. The sun was bigger, brighter and more colorful than I had ever seen in my life. Another magical Turkey moment.

After we rode back into the area we were staying in- they literally hosed us down with air because we were SO DUSTY. Then we ended up getting one of the best meals of our lives, downing 2 bottles of local wine, and drunkenly buying a carpet at 10pm! hahah one of my favorite pictures from the trip. The carpet is actually stunning and is a great addition to the apartment. Ben likes to collect art and other pieces for the home on travels while I obviously like to get local apparel.