Fairy Tale Wear

I bought this dress in New Orleans back in May- 3 months in advance of this trip- with this night on my mind #OCD. The tribal piping, lightweight materials, and lace-up front literally screamed Bodrum night life to me. Flats would have been the more appropriate choice as this restaurant was located on the hillside, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. We were going to a club afterwards and I would die before wearing flats out with bottle service. 

THIS VENUE THOUGH- pause for a second and make a note that if you ever get a chance to explore this amazing country, please go to Bodrum and eat at Limon Cafe! We had not made a reservation- definitely do this as it gets booked fast- but we decided to go anyways and see if we could scalp a table. There happened to be a high top bar table for two with the most perfect view of the entire hillside scene. The combination of food, music, view, decor and company was literally the most incredible night of my life. Straight out of a fairytale!