Bodrum Beachlife

I am not normally a beachy girl, which is strange since I grew up in Southern California, but the beaches in Bodrum, Turkey were unlike anything I have ever experienced. For starters, the water was actually fresh feeling- clear, calm, salty, and the perfect temperature. There was NO SAND- which is my least favorite part about standard beaches so this was huge for me. The "cabanas" if you will, were built into the rocks and each hotel had their own private gated off area with a private dock down into the water. I have never been more relaxed in my entire life! The food was incredible too- one of our favorite meals in Turkey was the pizza. We had read that before-hand and laughed but turns out- some of the best we both have ever had. 

Kept the beachwear to cool, relaxing colors. Had to be bougie as we were staying at a more upscale place so tank tops and shorts were out of the question. Decided to add some sparkle (shocker) to take it up a notch. I have had this cover-up since my trip to Nice, France in 2011 (another bougie beach) so it fit the scene perfectly. I had been eyeing these sandals at Dune London for MONTHS and they finally went on sale right before my trip! Such a sign. 

Hat: Nine West

Shoes: Dune London

Cover up: TJ Maxx

Bathing suit: Victorias Secret