When I found out last December that I would be attending this wedding in July, I immediately started hunting for the perfect dress. This was not your average wedding. The bride and groom are probably the coolest people you will ever meet with an equally cool entourage that rolls deep in the LA music scene.

I knew the dress had to be edgy- obviously wanted vintage if possible- fringe and velvet were the first things that popped into my brain, mission established. My go-to's for vintage are Etsy and Ebay as long as you have some sort of idea of what you want. I do not suggest scouring these sites with no end-goal in mind as it can get completely overwhelming.

My first search on Ebay was "vintage velvet dress" also tried "vintage fringe dress" within a couple pages of both searches I saw this UNBELIEVABLE vintage Betsey Johnson for $35. SOLD. Measurements seemed accurate and it ended up fitting like a glove- really lucked out with this one and was a huge hit! It was double layered with a slip underneath and a really light chiffon with embroidered velvet flowers over the top. Also loved the neckline with it draping a little thicker to one side and a tiny little strap on the other. SUCH an amazing find and I'm still not over it.

Late night I decided to eat ties and hot dogs, YUM.