Vintage Rodeo Ruffles


Brooklyn Flea: now located indoors in Industry City for the winter, something everyone needs to check-out. I probably shouldn’t be telling you all this and giving away my secret weapon but I’m in a particularly loving mood today, lucky you.

This blouse was the first piece I was drawn to and the last piece I purchased. I didn’t want to buy anything at the first vendor I checked out, but after scouring around for a few hours I knew I should have trusted my intuition. I am a sucker for a vintage button-up ruffle- I have about 4 in my collection now, #SINS.

 It has this rodeo vibe so I knew denim was necessary. Didn’t want to overdo it so paired with a leather jacket and classic belt to chichi it up. Perforated white tennies, black socks, and a bottom cuff add just enough detail to make this a not-your-average-denim-and-blouse look.


Blouse: BK Flea

Jacket & Shoes: ZARA

Pants: Topshop

Belt: H&M

Bag: Rachel Roy