Knits On Silks

Over-sized chunky knits layered over fancy dresses has become a go-to winter look for me. So much better than last years (and every year in memory) skinny jeans and fitted sweaters mixed in with the occasional sweater dress and wool tights. This year has been all about pushing boundaries for me. Trying to come up with pairings that stray from norms, putting even more thought (hard to imagine) into my outfits than ever before. The sock details are a perfect example of this. I was planning on plain white chunky socks when I saw these babies hanging on a wooden wall in Urban Outfitters. It was like an angel was shining the lights from heaven down on this perfect addition to my outfit. THANK YOU GUARDIAN FASHION ANGEL.

I have worn this dress two other times and styled completely differently: Leather jacket with chunky cage heels to a Meatpacking brunch and bar day, the other time was my moms 50th birthday party where I tied a thin black ribbon around my natural waist and paired with strappy stilettos. Unfortunately the birthday was before my OOTD days so I don't have a solo shot and it's blurry due to camera quality, but yay for an awesome pic of my incredible family! Happy styling!

Sweater: Shein

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Converse

Socks: Urban Outfitters

Bag: Steve Madden