I consider myself extremely lucky to have such an absolutely incredible, albeit complicated, family. We are over the moon to finally welcome our 12th official member to the family club! #the12bestfriendsthatanyonecouldeverhave

Getting back to work on Tuesday morning was rough to say the least. Coming off of a weekend that was an absolute dream from start to finish, the withdrawal was real. Everything from the rehearsal to the ceremony, reception, after party and even the morning after brunch, was perfect. 

I have never met two people more made for each other than my sister and her new husband and anyone who was lucky enough to witness these extraordinary humans tie the knot would say the same. They are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Bora Bora while I sit here in the cold city writing this post and fantasizing over the weekend that all future weddings and weekends will be bench-marked against. Cheers!