Pattern Play

I normally try to brighten up my outfits on cold and gloomy days like this, seems to have some sort of placebo affect on my mood and I'll take anything I can get in winter.

Built this fit around the skirt- I mentioned in a previous post but if you don't know, I found this for $20 on the clearance rack at Topshop! Such a steal. I love orange and blue together and on this cold day was immediately drawn to my oversized super comfy navy pullover. Bitter enough for a scarf and decided to rock my new, also oversized and incredibly comfortable, blanket scarf. Perfect lazy Sunday fit while still pushing fashion norms and staying bright!

Mixing prints is another tricky technique in the world of fashion. Some easy go-to's are stripes + florals and stripes + tartan (plaid). Both of these couple splendidly, I promise. 

Top: H&M

Scarf: ASOS

Skirt: Topshop

Shoes: ZARA