Fall's Out Fur's Out

 Everyone in this city seems to be overwhelmed with happiness that pumpkin spice lattes are now available, I happen to focus my excitements on the greater fall things in life also known as faux fur. I am not entirely sure how I feel about real fur yet. I do not own any and have no real inclination to do so, TBD on that move.

For now, let’s direct our attention to this beyond fabulous faux I picked up at TopShop in London a few years ago. The lining is POLKA DOT. I quite literally bee-lined to this as soon as I stepped into the store. I remember clearly because my girlfriend whom I was with, who also has fabulous taste, was darting for the same piece. Luckily, they had one in both our sizes, although I was prepared to battle it out if not.

Regardless of the weather, I was prepared to rock this vest on the first official day of fall this year. A quasi christening if you will. Now I am normally not one to let seasons or “rules” dictate my outfits but I do draw the line at fur in Summer. However, since it was still hot, I opted for a plain white tee and a pastel linen skirt. Dressing is all about balance which is a tough thing to master, it’s not always the most obvious thing in the world. Some basics: masculine vs feminine, conservative vs risqué, gaudy vs understated. Once you decide what one piece is, you can build the rest of your outfit around it and balance! Colors, patterns, shapes, materials, etc will come later once you practice the basics.

Now for the shoes. I happen to love socks and heels. I think it is a very empowering look and if you can rock it with the outfit then you should definitely do so! I went with silver and white socks which complimented the outfit perfectly and really brought it all together. YAY FALL.