4th Weekend

My first trip to Houston and HOLY HEAT. I was so not prepared for this. Coming from a perfectly temperate upbringing in SoCal, I don't know how anyone survives this kind of weather as a kid, #spoiled.

Anyways, for the important stuff: OOTD. I found these royal blue bedazzled shorts (yes bedazzled and I don't care who knows it, I love it) at a thrift store in Brooklyn on my way to a birthday party. They were on the rack situated on the sidewalk, you know- the "last chance to buy" rack, I couldn't believe it! I was immediately drawn to them and the first thought in my head was the 4th. Tried them on, perfect fit, it's a sign, SOLD for $24! They are long and baggy so I needed a somewhat sexy top- racerneck, duh. In-line with the 4th I opted for a white top and red strappy sandals- although day-of I decided to go barefoot.

It was on this trip that I discovered a new way to hold my bag... wrapping it around my wrist a few times and letting it hang between my fingers. Did this for my second outfit choice as well and I am loving it still. Such a fun new twist.

My second outfit for the weekend was this black jumper from Bloomy's that was literally love at first sight. I originally wanted to wear it for a work event but my colleagues talked me out of it, thankfully. It had a bit of a southern feel with the ruffles so I was envisioning the traditional cowboy star pendant necklace thing but wanted to do my own version. I am not accessory inclined by any means so this was a bit of a challenge. I had an epiphany of a mix between this cowboy necklace and a 90's choker and voila! The best $3 I have ever spent- 2 yards of velvet ribbon from the trimmings store. #DIY by Chels (insert betch emoji)