Bathing Suit Bodysuit

Every day feels like a lifetime when vacation is on the horizon. I've been checked out for almost a week and still have another to go but can already taste the Mai Tai's waiting for me upon arrival. Have actually started wearing bathing suits as undergarments in order to trick my mind into thinking I may be headed somewhere with sand and water sooner than later. Total placebo effect but it's working: endorphin game strong. 

This is my first ever one-piece, well at least since I was like 8, so it's a HUGE DEAL. I've been waiting for the perfect one for a LONG time AKA not something with dumb basic bitch writing or overly sexual cutouts. This olive green color is straight up fire on the bougie bathing suit scale, Solid & Striped can literally do no wrong.

Can't wait for you all to be jealous of my snaps on the beaches of Hawaii while you're stuck here in the heat smelling trash. 



Hat: Nine West

Suit: Solid & Striped

Pants: TopShop

Shoes: ASOS

Glasses: C.Wonder

Necklace: Etsy

Bag: Steve Madden