Basis Points and Coca-Cola

Totally gave in to the Man re brand tee's, oops. But it's JUST SO VERSATILE.

Resumé below:

  • Robot Cabaret show in Tokyo
  • LGBT bar in SF
  • Sick photo-shoots in Union Square
  • Wine bar HH's

If you know of another piece that would look this fly in all of the above settings then... good for you. 

Chokers have been my jam lately, makes everything at least like one basis point edgier. Paired with these epic vintage slip on pumps and we're talking a major ROI. 

Shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: ZARA

Denim: TopShop

Shoes: Mercy Vintage

Choker: DIY a la M&J Trimmings

Bag: Tokyo Station

Glasses: ASOS