Slip On Tee

Zetus Lapetus summer layers ARE possible! One of the (many) things I loathe about hot weather is the clothing. Everything is SO basic: tank top and shorts, floral dresses, shorteralls... like, where is the fun in that?? 

This trend has got my eyes bugging out like bright pink sparkly hearts on crack and I am ba da ba ba baaaa LOVIN IT. Not only can you rock your smoking hot silk slips out during the day, you can also sport a more casual night out on the town look by adding a tee. This fit can take you to every NYC borough at any time of day or night and you will undoubtedly be top 5 best dressed wherever you end up, PROMISE.

On my instagram @ReadytoWard I am wearing a Zara slip dress paired with a Uniqlo tee and M&J Trimmings velvet ribbon turned DIY choker.