Versatile Red

As the title suggests, this outfit can be worn in an infinite amount of unique scenes. However, I think one of the best places to wear this is a first date, or any date night for that matter. Sexy yet conservative, every mans dream. The denim jacket adds a relaxed cool-girl vibe to the otherwise utterly girly and possibly overboard (at least on a FIRST date) look. A cropped white tank would look fabulous with this, too. 

The shoes may look intimidating but honestly they are one of my most comfortable pairs! After moving to NYC a few years ago I vowed to only buy heels with some sort of strap and a 3.5" heel max. If you knew me at all before my city days you would understand how big of a deal this is. I was the typical Orange County girl in 6" stilettos as soon as the sun went down Thursday-Saturday without fail; moving here was a huge turning point in my style evolution. Anyways, these beauties fit the new bill perfectly AND happen to rock mixed media - snake/suede. SO fun. 

Jacket: GAP

Top & Shoes: Topshop

Skirt: Etsy

Glasses: C.Wonder, RIP.